Yamaha DGX660 Review

Being a buyer in the world of digital pianos is not easy – especially when you do not have any experience. Everyday, brands like Yamaha are filling up their piano room with one great digital piano after another and while not all of those releases make hype in the music world, Yamaha DGX660 surely has managed to attract some attention.

If you have your eyes on this pianos and are looking forward to buying it, we thought that we would do you a favor and write our own DGX660 review.

Yamaha has been great as always in the realm of digital pianos – delivering instruments for all categories and budgets.

If you are looking to find out more about this particular model, make sure to read this review below as we present you with some interesting information about Yamaha DGX660 specs and features.

About The Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano

piano room

If you have not seen this digital piano yet, we must tell you that it is a bit smaller than usual – which might be exactly what you were looking for. It’s dimensions are 53 inches in width, 14 inches in depth and it comes with about 26 pounds of weight.

As a comparison, let us just say that its size is similar to the one of a typical upright piano. Although the looks might suggest that DGX660 is a beginner instrument, it actually can serve as an alternative for musicians of all levels.

Regardless of whether you are looking to learn how to play piano or are already playing and are looking for something better, this piano will fit in perfectly – thanks to its amazing instrument sound and realistic key action.

When talking about Yamaha DGX660 specs, one must mention its digital keyboard which consists 88 fully weighted keys with graded hammer response perfect for any pianist. To be honest, this is not just a digital piano but much more.

This means that the keys have different weight depending on their location on the board – just like in real piano. Now, let us get into some more details.

Notable Features

yamaha dgx 660


yamaha dgx 660

There is a 2-line by 16 character display in this digital piano which might not sound like much, but considering everything it does, it is more than enough.

When you pair the display with the interactive song title database and full color pattern step-up lesson system, you get nothing less than stunning experience when playing music on the DGX660.

Built-in Songs

yamaha dgx 660

Yamaha DGX660 incorporates a total of 30 pieces of music from the best composers out there – from Beethoven to Mozart and from Brahms to Schubert.

The great thing about this digital piano is that it allows you to play with all styles of music as well as all genres. Whether you are into Classical or Popular, Jazz or Rock – this piano will adapt to any piano sound and style that you want to play on it.


yamaha dgx 660

Yamaha DGX660 comes with a full keyboard of 88 keys which are graded and fully hammer-action weighted to give an acoustic feel.

Although this piano has no actual pedals, it is still able to provide you with similar playing experience as its acoustic counterparts – just by using the damper pedal function on its display.

Sound System And 554 Grand Piano Instrument Sounds

yamaha dgx 660

When talking about sound in this DGX660 review, we must say that digital pianos don’t get much better than this one.

It features SuperNATURAL piano tone generator which means that every single key you press will produce sound exactly like an acoustic piano would do.

The multiple sounds used for this instrument were recorded from Yamaha pure CF sound engine concert grand piano and the speakers inside it are developed by none other than Bose.

Yamaha DGX660 comes with 554 instrument sounds which are divided into 12 categories of piano sounds.

Depending on your mood or the type of music you are playing, you can choose between orchestra, electric piano, organ, synth lead and many others.


yamaha dgx 660

The Yamaha DGX660 is equipped with USB TO HOST port which allows you to connect external devices such as MP3 players, tablets or even your smartphone.

It also comes with an AUX IN jack which means that it is capable of processing sound from instruments like guitars, electric pianos and more.

There are XLR LINE OUT jacks for putting your sound through an external device such as PA system and also 3.5 mm PHONES/OUTPUT jacks which allow for direct monitoring of the piano’s sounds.

Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) And On Board Recording

yamaha dgx 660

This software offers a complete interactive lesson and learning system of the instrument and is perfect for amateurs and professionals alike. If we take a look at DGX660, we’ll notice that the keyboard comes with 3-pedal unit which can be found under every key on its left side – like in real acoustic piano.

This digital piano comes with a 3-track on board recorder which is very easy to use and allows its users to record their songs in real time – just like they would do when playing an acoustic instrument.

When it comes to the polyphony of this piano, we must say that it has a maximum of 192 notes which means that even when you play complex songs on it, no notes can be missed.

Sound Effects And Speaker

yamaha dgx 660

As Yamaha has always been committed to providing their customers with great sound quality, they have added two great effects on this model: reverb and chorus . This way, you will be able to play your music in a way that matches the grand piano sound.

Although this piano does not include any internal speakers or amplifiers, it still produces good sound. That’s because the sound is powered by 4 3-watt speakers which are developed by Bose. If you want to use external speaker system, there are two 1/4″ Line OUT jacks provided.

Furniture Stand

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As this digital piano is extremely heavy, it’s recommended to store it on a furniture stand that will compliment its elegant design.

Yamaha DGX660 comes with a fully adjustable 3-pedal unit which has three pedals that offer everything you’d expect from an acoustic grand piano: Sustain, Soft and Sostenuto . All functions of the keyboard are easy to use because they come with intuitive design and simple labeling.

Other Functions

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The keyboard comes with a grand piano button which makes the transition from one instrument to another much easier. On top of that, Yamaha DGX660 unit offers 4-set of reverb and 2-set of chorus which can be controlled through a simple turn of the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) knob found on the left side of the interface board.

What’s in The Box?

midi files

When you purchase this digital piano, you will receive: power adapter , sustain pedal , owners Manual, music rest and an adjustable furniture stand . All accessories are made by Yamaha which means that you’ll start enjoying your new instrument right away and you’ll be able to easily set it up within minutes.

What We Like?

split mode

  • Fully adjustable hammer action which makes it feel like a real piano
  • Very good and clear sound quality
  • Interactive song title database and lesson system
  • The keyboard comes with 3-pedal unit – just like in an acoustic piano
  • The display allows for easy manipulation of the instrument’s functions

What We Don’t Like?

other digital pianos

  • No actual pedals included
  • Speakers can be quite loud even when set on low volume
  • The keyboard is a bit heavy for one person to carry without help


pitch bend wheel

Q: Is it possible to get all of the sounds in this keyboard both through using its speakers and external device?

A: Yes, you can use Yamaha DGX660 both for practicing and performing your music. All you have to do is press Grand Piano button which will activate the internal speakers inside this keyboard.

Q: What are the dimensions of the keyboard?

A: The dimensions of this digital piano are 147 cm in length, 36 cm in width and 85 cm in height.

Q: How much does Yamaha DGX660 weigh?

A: This keyboard weighs 38 kg.

Q: Is it possible to connect external speakers with this piano?

A: Yes, you can do that by using 1/4″ Line OUT jacks.


intelligent acoustic control

W e must admit that we were quite impressed by this digital piano. After testing all of its functions and seeing what each one of them has to offer, we had no choice but to recommend it to all musicians out there.

Even though it is not the most expensive unit on the market, you will be able to play amazing music on this keyboard without even thinking about any downsides that might come with purchasing a more expensive piano.

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