Casio PX 770 Review

The new member welcomed to the family after the famous PX 870 and PX 760, the px 770 is surely a buzz amongst digital piano lovers – thanks to its grand piano sound. Either refer to it as the console digital piano or a cabinet style digital piano, it is up to you.

But what we want you to know is that if you’re looking for a new piano with real piano features, reading this Casio PX 770 review is surely worth your time. The price of px 770 puts it in a class with other high-end, grand pianos with real or acoustic piano feels. Anyway, if you can afford something like this easily, why not read a review and decide then? Let’s get into this, shall we?

About The Casio PX 770 Digital Piano

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Casio PX 770 comes with the best 88 notes keyboard that is surely made while fulfilling the real acoustic piano standards. What makes it different from other pianos from its competitors is that this one has 3 sensors per key to make it as real as possible. Also, they have integrated the concert play feature which makes sure that whatever you play will come out just like its one of those grand piano voices.

This new technology also enhances touch and even more realism than before. It was already great in PX 880 but Casio made it even greater so the piano play is really fun. Packed with amazing and modern features, it’s also easy to use and comes with a great sounds that made this one of the best digital pianos in 2022.


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  • The keyboard really feels like an acoustic piano
  • Casio’s dynamic stereo sampling delivers rich tones with exceptional touch sensitivity.
  • The 3 sensors per key gives you a more realistic piano play than ever before
  • Compact and portable digital piano with stylish design
  • Great bass sound engine
  • Easy to use
  • Provides value for money
  • Great Layout

Casio PX 770 Specs and Features – Is It At Par With Any Acoustic Piano?

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  • 88 fully scaled and weighted keys with 3 sensors per key for realistic play
  • Compact and stylish cabinet style in black high gloss finish
  • Gig Ready with USB audio recording out to portable devices or PC/Mac
  • Grand Feel II keyboard action improves playability further enhances authenticity of the piano feel.
  • Touch sensitive grand piano action keys deliver complete expression, including the ability to play pianissimo (pp) and fortissimo (ff).
  • SuperNATURAL-2 engine provides superior tonal realism, including reproduction of all 88 keys of an acoustic grand piano.
  • Integrated music database for quick selection of tunes without complicated settings or programming.
  • Music Preset function lets you instantly select 100 different accompaniment styles and save 30 custom user settings.
  • 8 high quality digital effects (Reverb, chorus, phaser, Flanger etc.)
  • 6 step lesson function lets you learn by playing along with a wide variety of left hand/right hand piano music types.
  • Headphone 3D Ambience effect simulates the acoustics of a concert hall.
  • 130 demo songs with built in multi-track recorder (2 track record and playback)
  • Can burn/save music to USB flash memory or save MIDI data to USB device.
  • USB TO HOST for simplified connection of external devices
  • Sampling function lets you play back your own WAV / MP3 samples
  • Control panel with adjustable angle
  • Built-in metronome to keep track of your practice

Casio PX 770: Notable Features Reviewed

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PX 770 comes with a great number of features that will surely add up to your experience when playing it:

88 Key Full Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

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The first feature to be reviewed in this Casio PX 770 review is the keyboard. It comes with 88 fully weighted keys that surely feel like an acoustic piano. The weight is heavy so it feels like real playtime. Also, you can hear the authentic sounds of piano playing when you press the keys.

You’d surely love the presence of 3 sensors per key. With this feature, you get more authenticity in your playtime because the keys are properly detected by the device to give out different sounds accurately.

The keys are also smoothly polished so you can play it easily without worrying about the surface. The playing is smooth and pleasant to touch with the presence of Hammer Response feature that makes your playtime more pleasant.

Sound Quality

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This model best excels in its quality of sound. The AIR features sounds great, and it feels like you’re playing an acoustic piano when you play this ‘cabinet’ piano or digital console.

The piano offer 128 notes polyphony, which means even complex pieces can be played without any note drop out. This is great news for those who want to play piano with both hands at the same time. Casio PX 770 gives you this opportunity.

The new action on PX 770 takes it up a notch higher than its predecessor with better tonal realism and improved touch sensitivity.

The 6-step lesson feature helps you learn to play music with your left hand or right hand, so you can polish your piano skills in no time!

Speakers and Amplifiers

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Casio PX 770 has a set of built-in speakers which deliver a wonderful sound performance. It also has a 3D Ambience function that simulates the acoustics of a concert hall, allowing you to experience better piano music listening even if your digital console/piano is kept in a regular room environment. You can also adjust the volume to your preferred level.


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There’s USB to Host that allows input devices like your computer or laptop to be easily connected into the console. Your input devices can receive MIDI, Song, and WAV data for seamless recording of vinyls (audio) to USB memory.

Also, you get a USB TO DEVICE feature that lets you transfer MIDI Data directly from the piano to USB Memory. This is a great feature to have if you want to quickly save your MIDI data without the need of a computer/laptop.

Recording Features

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One of the great features you’ll surely enjoy is the multi-track recorder built in to the device. It allows song recording up to 32 tracks which lets you record piano music with your left and right hands, vocals, guitar accompaniment, etc. This allows unprecedented freedom in song creation for those who have unique imagination and creativity!

You can also use the Quantize feature to automatically correct timing mistakes in your recordings. You can also edit MIDI data on your home computer, and then transfer it via USB memory back to the piano for playback.


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You’ll surely enjoy using the Metronome feature on this device. It gives you wide range of time signatures, adjustable tempo and rhythm patterns, so you can always warm up before your piano playtime.

Touch Sensitivity

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One great factor to consider when buying a digital console/piano is touch sensitivity. PX 770 allows touch responsiveness to suit your playing style. This means you can play the keys softly or hard depending on your preference for a truly expressive piano playtime!

On Stage Performance

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Investing this much into a piano, it is acceptable that you’d want it to be perfect on stage and in huge halls. Well, Casio PX 770 is designed for this purpose. It has an adjustable speaker volume control that lets you adjust the sound of your piano or digital console according to your preferred level. You can choose between “Large Hall” and “Small Room” acoustics for a truly realistic instrument playtime!

With its new look styling inside out, this piano is a must-have for casual and pro players alike. Casio PX 770 offers great quality of sound, versatility in terms of effects and features, usability with features that matches its price tag, and it even looks stylish! For these reasons, this piano deserves your attention and multiple awards without question.

What’s in the Box: The product comes with AC Adaptor, Music Stand, USB Cable, Headphones, and Owner’s Manual.

What We Don’t Like?

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Honestly, there is not much to dislike about this piano. However, some customers complain of the price which is slightly above market rate.

Also, the piano doesn’t come with a built-in lesson feature that lets you choose left or right hands to practice on. This means you’ll need an external device like your computer for this purpose.

Finally, there’s no castors included (although you can easily buy one of these online for a moderate price).

Conclusion – Surely One of The Best Digital Pianos in 2022

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The Casio PX 770 is a great digital console/piano for people who are looking for enhanced features and user-friendliness that matches its price tag.

It is also very stylish with an attractive exterior that adds appeal to your home even before you start playing. It’s worth every cent, so don’t wait any longer!

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