Casio PX 770 Review

digital piano

The new member welcomed to the family after the famous PX 870 and PX 760, the px 770 is surely a buzz amongst digital piano lovers – thanks to its grand piano sound. Either refer to it as the console digital piano or a cabinet style digital piano, it is up to you. But what …

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Casio CGP 700 Review

electric pianos

A new and compact digital piano in the market, Casio CGP 700 is attracting a lot of attention for many reasons. Avid pianists want to know if investing in this one would be a good idea or if there are any reasons to avoid it. A new piano usually introduces many features that no other …

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Yamaha DGX660 Review

piano sounds

Being a buyer in the world of digital pianos is not easy – especially when you do not have any experience. Everyday, brands like Yamaha are filling up their piano room with one great digital piano after another and while not all of those releases make hype in the music world, Yamaha DGX660 surely has …

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Yamaha P115 Review

acoustic piano

Yamaha is a brand that knows how to keep adding great units to the world of digital Pianos and their P115 is an example of this. Although this digital piano has now been discontinued, many piano lovers surely have their eyes on this middle ground musical instrument because of a number of reasons. This piano …

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Yamaha P45 Review

real acoustic piano

Buying a new digital or acoustic piano comes with a lot of questions. If you’ve been wondering as to which one should you go for, reading detailed acoustic grand piano ratings or digital piano reviews of some of the most well-known ones in the market can help. Keeping this in mind, today, we are bringing …

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