Casio CGP 700 Review

A new and compact digital piano in the market, Casio CGP 700 is attracting a lot of attention for many reasons. Avid pianists want to know if investing in this one would be a good idea or if there are any reasons to avoid it. A new piano usually introduces many features that no other instrument has offered thus far, and Casio CGP 700 is not an exception. It does offer a lot of unique features at a truly affordable price for all those who want to own one of the best digital pianos without spending too much money on one.

So, should you buy this piano or not? Let us find out in this detailed review below:

Specs And Features

Here are some of the notable specs and features of the Casio CGP-700 before we get into the details:

  • Weight: 11.7 kg
  • Dimensions: 52″ Length x 11.5 Depth
  • Keys: 88 graded hammer action keys, with escapement simulation technology that gives the keyboard a real piano feel
  • Voices: 18 built-in, and several more available as optional expansion packs of a grand piano sound (you can use up to 256!)
  • Polyphony: 128 notes, with 10 levels of touch response that you can choose from alongside duet mode
  • Effects: 12 digital effects / instrument sounds that are applied individually on the left hand’s part or right hand’s part.
  • Metronome: choose from several time signatures, number of measures and beat patterns.

About The Casio CGP 700

If you are looking to buy a new digital piano, perhaps your top priority is the sound of an acoustic piano. If you are like most people who want to play like professionals, then this Casio CGP 700 review should help you in making the right choice. This model comes with built-in speakers that deliver amazing sound that has been praised by most of its users. With more than 700 tones and 150 rhythms, you will be able to choose the best sound for your songs.

This new Casio also has some impressive features such as USB connectivity with dual song playback. This means that it is easy to transfer music from a computer to this piano in just a single click of a button. The USB connectivity also makes it easy to upload songs from this piano to your computer.

However, Casio CGP 700 is a notable compact grand piano that’s not the best in terms of sound when compared with other models in the same class. Although it offers realistic piano sound, it is still not the best.

This model has 88-keys which are shorter than the actual size of a grand piano notes ivories . These keys feel good and solid like a traditional piano and it has a standard keyboard size.

CGP-700 is also very lightweight and portable. It is lighter than Yamaha YDP-181 which makes it easier to carry around the house without any assistance from anyone else. Casio CGP 700 weighs just 35 pounds while Yamaha YDP 181 weighs 44 pounds. Since CGP 700 is lighter than many other models in this class, you can place the piano at any place in your home and it will hardly take up much space.

The internal speakers of this model are powerful and produce a loud enough sound that fills up a large room with ease. However, CGP 700 has been criticized by many people for its lack of connectivity options. You will not be able to connect this piano to a surround system and the USB port is only compatible with Casio’s proprietary MIDI format and not MP3 files.

Other than these problems and limitations, this new piano has all the features you would want in a full-sized model that can meet all your needs when it comes to playing the piano at home.

Notable Features of The CGP 700 Digital Piano

Below, we’re reviewing some of the most notable features of this piano in more details for your to decide better:


midi recorder

The design of this new Casio digital piano is very beautiful. The wood finish gives it a nice look that you will be proud to display in any room of your home.

The keys are slightly shorter than the size of actual piano ivories which might be an issue for some people who would want to play this model just like they would on high-end digital pianos. However, most people have praised Casio for its close imitation of the feel and texture of traditional piano keys when playing songs or simple melodies. We can say that it is one of the best digital pianos when it comes to imitating the look and feel of an acoustic piano.

Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard With Tri Sensor

authentic piano sound

Scaled Hammer Action means that it replicates a traditional piano feel for a more satisfying playing experience. Casio CGP 700 comes with 128-note polyphony and touch sensitivity which adjusts the tone volume specifically for left or right hand’s part of your choice.

This digital piano also has 12 built-in effects processors to help you produce the perfect sound you want by putting emphasis on low tones, mid tones, high notes and other musical nuances that make the song sound interesting.

Featuring Casio’s proprietary AiR technology, this new model features a wide range of sounds from different genres such as jazz, rock, blues and many others available to choose from. You can play any song in styles that include ragtime, gospel, folk songs and other styles.

This piano is a model that should not be ignored when you are looking for a new digital piano to buy in the market today. It has many impressive features and it’s very affordable compared with other models available in the same class. This piano is easy to carry around the house and it can fit in a small space without giving up any real estate in your home or apartment.

The keys feel great, but they are slightly smaller than what you would get on an actual grand piano which might annoy some people who want this model mainly for its replication of an acoustic piano look and feel. However, this piano still brings out the best sound experience especially when playing songs from different genres such as classical music, rock and others.


stereo mini jack

Coming to the Cgp-700’s connectivity features, the only thing you get here is a USB slot that allows Casio’s proprietary MIDI format. There is no aux in or other connection options to connect the piano with stereo systems and speakers. This might be an issue for some people who love playing music from MP3 files or through their smartphones. If this sounds like something that will annoy you, then you might want to consider other models instead. However, you can ensure audio recording with some added features like a USB audio recorder or midi recorder.

Touch Screen Interface

piano features

The piano’s interface is probably its most impressive feature that makes it stand out from other models available in the market today. With this kind of interface, you can access the tones and sounds with just a touch on the screen.

The touch screen is very responsive to input, making it easy for you to navigate through all its features and functions without struggling with buttons like you would on many other models. The more premium features are missing here, but the touch screen makes up for this by making all necessary settings and controls available to you easily.


musical instruments

The piano comes with a wide range of instrument tones and sounds that you can choose from. Apart from the huge selection of tones, the sound quality is also impressive when using headphones. However, there are some reports saying that this particular model does not produce any kind of bass sound perhaps due to its overall lack in features compared with other models in the same price range.


sustain pedal

The piano’s built-in speakers produce a clear and crisp tone that does justice to the digital piano. If you are going to use the piano for playing songs from different genres, then there is nothing better than using headphones or external speakers.

Accompaniment Function

midi recording

The piano comes with accompaniment feature, a unique feature that lets you play with a rhythm and chord accompaniment which you can adjust according to your preferences.

One good thing about this feature is that it only plays up to two instruments which also means less sound leakage when playing songs. This is one of the reasons why Cgp-700 is so perfect for people who frequently play at home as they can now fill their homes with beautiful music.


portable digital pianos

If you want a full keyboard, this piano will not disappoint. However, if you are looking for a model with top-of-the-line sound and features, it would be better to look elsewhere. The touch screen might make up for some of its other shortcomings, but still does not add enough value to the piano when weighed against other models in the same price range.

What Comes in The Bag?

With Casio CGP 700, you get the piano itself and a small adapter that plugs into the wall. There’s also a user manual that comes in the box to help you set up and start playing as soon as possible. You can also get sustain pedals and bags too.


  • Touchscreen interface
  • Crisp and clear built-in speakers With Audio Recorder
  • Affordable and Portable piano
  • Excellent Piano Sounds


  • Missing some important features like aux in or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Keyboard is smaller compared to a traditional piano

Conclusion – Is CGP 700 at Par With 2022’s Good Digital Pianos And Acoustic Pianos?

Casio CGP700 is a model that should not be ignored when you are looking for an affordable piano to buy. It’s very affordable compared with other models that offer the same value and features, but this piano is a smart choice for anyone who wants to learn about playing piano. With its dedicated touchscreen and sound, this piano will surely be able to give you the best experience especially when combined with headphones or speakers.

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