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One of the most versatile musical instruments of our time, digital pianos have become increasingly popular among novice musicians and professionals alike.

There are various brands to choose from, each offering a variety of features that put them above the rest. From electronic drum sets to educational rock bands, whatever rock n’ roll fantasy you have in your imagination can be turned into a reality with the help of today’s most advanced digital pianos.

Below, we are sharing some of the best digital piano reviews for you to select one for yourself. There’s also a buying guide for you to easily make the decision. So, let us get into this.

Best Digital Piano in 2022 – Digital Piano Reviews

Below is a list of all those digital pianos that qualify for being called the best digital piano of the year. So, let us move on:

#1 Alesis Recital

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The first on our list of the best digital pianos is the Alesis Recital. The reasons it qualifies for the best digital piano title is that its a very affordably priced digital piano. It has almost all the essential features you need to play at home and not many more than that. This digital piano boasts an 88-keys keyboard and all these keys are semi-weighted.

This means they are not as heavy as a real acoustic piano, but still give you the feel of playing one because of their weight. Its keys will make sure your fingers stay in place and help you play faster with ease. It is very light which makes it easy to use for beginners.

This digital piano has 128-voice polyphony, which should be enough for you to play even the heaviest songs by the biggest composers. This piano has 100 built-in sounds, which includes some pianos, electric piano, organs and other instruments.

So, if you are looking for an affordable digital piano that won’t cost you your entire savings, this is the one for you. It has almost every feature and function you’d expect from a digital piano and it will surely make playing the piano at home more rewarding and closers to acoustic piano.


  • Semi-weighted keys
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable price


  • Keys don’t have as much resistance as a real piano
  • No legs or stand included


sound samples

The Yamaha P71 is a fairly priced digital piano that has some great features and functions. It has 88 keys, all of which are fully weighted to give you an authentic piano feel.

This will make your fingers stay in place while playing and it makes sure you can play the fastest songs without any issue. This keyboard also has 128-voice polyphony, which is enough to play even the most complicated pieces.

It has some very useful functions like octave control buttons and transpose buttons that will help you while playing if you don’t know some songs very well. The Yamaha P71 has 10 different sounds, including pianos, guitars and drums which are rather popular among professional players.

We love this piano for its dual mode that allows the pianists to mix two different notes together. You can go for strings and piano together and entice your hearers with great melodies. You can also switch from a heavier to a lighter one depending on the song you’re playing.

The piano weighs just 25 pounds and looks slim, allowing you to take it with ease. It has a lid that helps protect its keys from dust and debris which makes it easier to maintain. It doesn’t have legs or a stand included either so you might want to buy these separately.

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable digital piano that won’t cost you too much but will make your playing skills better, this one is definitely what you need.


  • Fully weighted keys
  • Varying octave control and transpose buttons
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to transport


  • Keys don’t feel very nice under your fingers
  • No stand or legs included so you’ll need to buy them separately

#3 Alesis Recital Pro

grand piano sound

This digital piano is one of the latest releases from Alesis and it’s packed with many useful features. It has 88 weighted keys, which makes this keyboard feel like a real piano and let you practice without any issues.

What we love about these keys though is that they are semi-weighted and give you an authentic experience while playing. The sound quality is also great due to its 128 voice polyphony feature; this means your songs will be far from distorted even if several notes play at the same time. This digital piano has 100 sounds which make sure you can get inspired even if you don’t have anything around you to play on your instrument or just need a quick jam session before going somewhere else.

The Alesis has 10 different drum sounds which are common among professionals due to their ability to produce sound effects that imitate real instruments. For example, you can hear a tribal drum beat or an acoustic piano or drum beat every time you hit and it makes sure your melodies aren’t boring and sound like what you’d expect from a professional session.

Other useful functions include octave control buttons and transpose buttons that will allow you to match the keyboard to certain key signatures of a grand piano without any issue; this is especially useful if you want to play some pieces but don’t know the song very well.

Since this digital piano weighs just 26 pounds, it allows for easier transportation than most of its competitors. The digital piano comes with a stand included; it’s the same stand that Yamaha and Kawai digital pianos usually come with. However, it doesn’t include a sustain pedal and you’ll need to buy it separately; we suggest buying one from M-Audio due to its quality and value. Overall, this is one smart piano that is good product for players looking for something lightweight but still detailed when it comes to features and functionality.


  • Lightweight design makes transportation easier
  • Realistic feel thanks to semi-weighted keys
  • Great sound quality due to 128 voice polyphony feature
  • Includes a stand so you don’t have to buy one separately


  • Keys might not feel very comfortable in your hands
  • No sustain pedal included so you’ll need to buy it in addition

#4 Donner DEP-20

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The Donner DEP-20 is made for beginners who are looking for a simple keyboard that does its job perfectly. It has 88 full-sized hammer action keys with adjustable touch response which make playing on it much easier even if you’re still learning the basics of music theory. The keyboard also has four different voices to choose from, two acoustic pianos and two electric pianos, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs no matter what kind of song you need to play at the moment.

However, it’s important to note that although this digital piano will help you learn how to play faster, it doesn’t have many functions besides changing the piano sound type. If you prefer playing more complex songs or pieces with lots of notes being played simultaneously then this might not be for you. The Donner DEP-20 is lightweight so it’s easy to carry around too.

Moreover, the piano comes with 238 Tones & 128 Polyphony which means you’ll be able to play louder and more clearly compared to other digital pianos in its price range. The touch response can be adjusted as well if you want to change the keyboard’s sensitivity on the fly, for example, if your hands or fingers are sweaty.


  • Lightweight design makes transportation easier
  • Adjustable touch response feature allows players to choose how sensitive they’d like their keyboard to be
  • Comes with four different voices: two acoustic and two electric


  • Could have offered better speaker quality
  • No sustain pedal included so you’ll need to buy it in addition


organ sounds

Yamaha is one of the best-known brands when it comes to digital pianos and their P45 model doesn’t disappoint. It’s a digital piano for beginners that comes with twenty different voices, four dynamic touch levels, and 10 songs which are all meant to help you improve your skills no matter if you’re an absolute beginner or already have some experience playing various instruments.

The Yamaha P45 also has speakers built into its body. This makes playing piano easier while listening to your own sound since it won’t be necessary to pair this keyboard with other speakers. The piano comes with 88 type-Graded hammer standard keys that feel more natural than plastic ones would. This is especially true considering the fact that Yamaha didn’t cheap out on build quality either; it’s made out of metal and it weighs around twenty-six pounds.

We love how this piano comes with accessories like L85 furniture stand, PKBB1 bench, and a sustain pedal. It has 64 note polyphony and allows for USB-midi connectivity. The Yamaha P45 has more than enough features for an average beginner and it offers great value for its surprisingly low price.


  • Lightweight design makes transportation easier
  • Realistic feel thanks to 88 key hammer standard keyboard
  • Excellent sound quality due to 128 voice polyphony feature
  • Comes with stand, bench, and sustain pedal so you don’t have to buy them separately
  • USB-midi connection allows the piano to be used on various platforms like Windows or Mac computers


  • Keys might not feel very comfortable in your hands initially
  • Sound recording will need external equipment (eg: mic)

#6 Donner DDP-100

acoustic instrument

The Donner DDP-100 is another good choice if you’re a beginner pianist . The keyboard comes with 128 polyphony which is enough even for most experienced players. The Donner DDP 100 is also a great piano for professional pianists who need something portable they can take along on trips without worrying about the weight of their equipment. The design is modern and sleek so it won’t look out of place in any house despite the fact that it does come with a price tag which isn’t exactly low.

The piano comes with twenty different voices, all of them being realistic and suitable for various genres. Moreover, you’ll be able to choose from four touch response options depending on your preferences.

One of the best features of this model is its steel string design that replicates an acoustic piano more than any other models in its price range. The 88 key digital piano has weighted action keys are also great at providing proper resistance while playing and their size makes it easier for beginners to hit the right notes regardless whether they’re using their thumbs or fingers.

The DDP-100 has speakers built into its body so there’s no need to pair it with speakers in order to hear what you’re playing.


  • Great design makes this piano look modern and sleek
  • Keys offer a proper resistance which makes learning to play easier for beginners
  • Comes with twenty different voices, four touch response options, and 128 polyphony


  • Lacks the acoustic sound of real pianos compared to most models in this price range
  • Keys are touch-sensitive so they might not react well with heavy pressure

#7 Donner DEP-10

connectivity digital pianos

The Donner DEP-10 is one of the cheaper models in our list and it’s a good choice for beginners on a budget. The piano comes with eighty type of weighted keys which provides a satisfying feel when you’re playing them even if they don’t have the same level of resistance as an acoustic piano would have.

The design is sleek and modern, but it doesn’t feel cheap despite the piano being made out of plastic. Keys are touch-sensitive which means that you’ll have to play lightly when using your fingers for increased accuracy.

This model has nine different voices, but despite that it’s still suitable for various genres. Moreover, it comes with 100 polyphony and a pedal which is great even for advanced players since they often use these accessories as well. The DEP-10 does come with speakers, however; we recommend using an external pair of speakers whenever possible in order to get a fuller and richer sound.

Since this is a compact model, there are no built-in speakers so you won’t be able to hear what you’re playing without hooking it up to external equipment.


  • Inexpensive yet still well designed and modern
  • Comes with 88 different weighted keys, not as resistant as acoustic pianos
  • Allows for Bluetooth Midi connection
  • Cable is over six feet long


  • Keys are touch-sensitive which requires more accuracy when playing
  • Lacks bass that is typical for piano sounds since this model has no speakers

#8 Casio PX-770 WH Privia

console digital pianos

Here comes a high end digital piano that is too good to be true. It’s packed with a number of great features and offers the best value for the money considering its price tag. First up, this piano has a full 88 key design which makes playing it feel more natural than any other models in this guide.

The Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard responds well to heavy pressure and feels like silk under your fingers at the same time. The piano has been praised for having excellent and realistic sounds and we agree with this sentiment. There are four different voices ranging from sweet and melodic to powerful and beautiful, so you won’t have any issues finding the perfect sound for your piece.

In terms of connectivity, this model comes with built-in speakers as well as an audio out port for your headphones or external speakers. This piano is a little bit bigger in price and size both than most models in this guide which means it’s not the best option if you’re on a budget.


  • All 88 keys provide an perfectly fine response
  • Keys are semi-weighted which makes playing feel more authentic compared to other models
  • Built-in speakers provide a good sound quality
  • Comes with a sturdy case that lasts


  • Lacks some features found in pricier digital models
  • Expensive
  • Rather heavy and bulky, so traveling with it might be a challenge

#9 Donner DDP-90

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The Donner DDP-90 is a great choice if you’re looking for a super cheap home digital piano. The design might feel too basic, but its features list can’t be beat considering the price.

This model has just 88 keys and it’s still touch-sensitive which makes playing as natural as possible. Keys are also semi-weighted so they don’t require as much force as other models in order to work properly.

We’d recommend this model for beginners since it doesn’t come with any special features or voices to make learning easier or more fun. It does have speakers though; we’d recommend using them whenever possible since there’s no way of hooking the instrument up to external equipment like headphones or speakers.

All in all, this model has everything you need to start learning piano and it will also last you for some time before you decide to buy something more advanced in the sound department terms.


  • 88 keys with semi-weighted surfaces feel great under your fingers
  • Comes with inbuilt speakers which provide good sound quality
  • Solid construction that lasts longer than other models on the market at the same price range
  • One of the cheapest options if you’re looking for digital pianos


  • No pedal given which means playing is less accurate
  • Keys are neither too light nor too heavy which can confuse beginners

#10 Casio PX-870 BK Privia

grand pianos

The last one on our list of the best digital pianos is this amazing high end digital piano by Casio. It can be considered to be the best digital piano for serious pianists since it has every feature that is needed to achieve professional results. First of all this model comes with 88 Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action keys which means playing on them is very natural and comfortable. Also, in addition to the standard set of voices, there are three special vibraphone, organ and string voices which are more advanced in terms of sound quality.

This piano is perfect in terms of connectivity and has a feature called ‘piano partner’ which enables the user to connect and play and learn with other pianos. Also, for advanced users, this model has a USB to Device port which means you can connect other devices like smartphones or tablets to this piano and play or listen to your favorite music on them.

Piano has also a great polyphony which means that the instrument is capable of playing very complex chords without any problems. There are hundreds of built-in songs in this piano with educational tools in addition to the fact that it can store user’s songs in the instrument itself. This is not only a digital piano but also a MIDI controller which can be connected to other devices and it works very well for this purpose as well.


  • 88 keys with full weighting
  • Polyphony of 192 notes
  • 3 special voices available
  • MIDI controller capable


  • Very expensive
  • High-maintenance

Finding The Best Digital Piano – Buyer’s Guide

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Before purchasing your next digital piano, it is important to know the key features that you should look for to buy your own piano. If you are not sure of what these elements entail, then read on and our helpful guide will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

1. Price: What’s The Budget?

Everything in life has a price, and digital pianos are no exception. Before you even start looking for a specific brand, it is crucial that know how much cash you have at your disposal. There are three distinct price ranges: low, mid and high range. For a beginner or amateur player, we suggest you go with an affordable piano that will meet your needs without making too deep of a dent in the pocket.

2. Key Action Type

The key action type is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a digital piano. There are four types to choose from: synth-action, semi-weighted, hammer and graded weighting keys. If you are not sure which kind suits you best, consult our interactive guide and find out what your personal preference is!

3. Sound Quality: Decide What Matters Most to You!

This feature entails the quality/quantity of sound produced by each individual digital piano. A traditional piano usually comes with 10, 50 or 100 different instrument sounds that range from brass and woodwinds to strings and percussion.

When deciding on a specific sound quality you want in your device, it is important to remember what type of music you plan on playing and this will help you narrow down the options available to you.

4. Additional Features: Rock Out!

Thanks to today’s advanced technology, many models offer additional features such as MIDI compatibility, USB connectivity and auxiliary input jacks just to name a few. The more features a digital piano has the better! To fully maximize your purchase consider all possible options before making your final decision.

5. Connectivity: The Backbone of Your Digital Piano

The backbone of your digital piano is its connectivity. Is your device compatible with external speakers? Does it have a headphone jack? These are all important questions to ask yourself before making your final purchase! The better the connectivity options, the more versatile and upright piano would be.

6. Durability: Stand By Me

You never get a second chance at making a first impression right? Well, the same goes for digital pianos! It is always best to buy new when upgrading or purchasing one for the very first time, but that does not mean you should go overboard and buy something too expensive. To avoid overspending it is best to purchase a more affordable yet quality digital pianos that you can later upgrade if necessary.

We suggest that you find an affordable model that features quality components and good craftsmanship. This way you can rest assured that you will not need to purchase another one any time soon!

7. Size Matters: Make It Fit!

When shopping for your next new digital piano, consider its size and weight. If you are buying online this will be an easier task since the images give you all the information you need. If you are purchasing in person however, size and weight will be a bit harder to measure. If the piano is too large and heavy for one person to move it might be best to buy an electronic keyboard that is lighter and easier to move.

8. Power Source

Most digital pianos require a power source and this will play a huge role in your final decision. If you plan on using it at home, an AC adapter is the way to go, but if you need something more portable, then opt for battery powered models. This decision is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that certain power sources are more expensive.

9. Stereo Speakers vs. Mono

Although both models hold their own weight, stereo speakers tend to produce a richer sound quality. While the mono speaker is found on most inexpensive digital pianos it can also be found on higher end models as well, which proves that it is not only okay to purchase this sound engine option, but an excellent choice as well.

10. Preset Songs & Recording Functionality

Many digital pianos come equipped with preset songs and the ability to record like most electronic keyboards for example. If you are considering purchasing the easiest digital piano with these features, be sure to figure out how many songs come preloaded and what kinds of items you can record/save on your computer or tablet since some models require extra equipment to do so in concert halls.

Best Digital Piano – FAQs

stage piano

1 – Can I connect my digital piano to a computer?

Yes, many models offer USB connectivity. This is great if you want to transfer MIDI tracks from your DAW (digital audio workstation) or record yourself playing on stage.

2 – Can I connect my digital piano to a home audio system?

Yes, many models offer AUX inputs and headphone jacks so you can hook up your digital piano to an external speaker or stereo.

3 – Where should I place my digital piano?

The location of your digital piano is important as it will determine how comfortable you are while playing it. Always place your digital piano somewhere where you can be seated comfortably and it is easily accessible, keep in mind that the height of your bench will determine how high or low your keyboard will sit so always take that into consideration as well.

4 – How big should my digital piano be?

The size of your digital piano depends on the size of your home and it is important to note that there really is no such thing as a standard “full-sized digital piano” since some models are bigger than others, but we suggest that you find something within the range or 3′-5′ wide and 5′ long.


play piano

Manufacturers of digital pianos understand that the more sounds, features and components included in a model, the higher the price. When deciding on which features are most important to you, try to understand the pros and cons of each feature so that you can make an informed decision.

As stated earlier, there are many different types of digital pianos with each having their own unique features and components. The more you know about a specific model, the better your chances are of finding the one that fits all of your needs and seems close to an acoustic piano.

Once you understand what to look for in a digital piano, choosing one will be an easy task. Always remember that the first impression is the most important, so before purchasing anything make sure to test it out if possible.

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