Williams Allegro 3 Review

Being one of the best brands when it comes to making affordable pianos that offer value for money, the Williams keeps surprising its customers with one or another great piano every once in a while.

Another addition in this line is the Williams Allegro 3. While the brand has been manufacturing top-class digital pianos for years, we were excited to find out if they can do it again with the Allegro 3.

So, let us get into this review to see what is this Allegro iii digital piano is offering:

What We Like?

williams allegro

  • Solid wood construction
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with a full set of features
  • Feels Like acoustic pianos
  • Affordable price

Williams Allegro 3 Digital Piano Key Features

To say the least, we simply love everything about this Williams Allegro digital piano – from its design to its features. The Williams Allegro iii makes for an excellent choice if you’re looking for a portable option that still offers great sound and build quality.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its most distinguishable Features:

1 – Build Quality

The first thing that you will notice about the Williams Allegro 3 when you see and hold it physically, is its impressive build quality.

It’s a professional-grade type piano and we believe that it can easily compete with any other digital piano out there in the same price range, especially pianos like Casio Cdp100 and Yamaha P255.

2 – 88 Keys Weighted Piano Action Keyboard

What truly makes the Williams Allegro 3 stand out is its 88-weighted keys that emulate what you would feel on a traditional piano. This Williams Allegro keyboard not only feels great when you play piano but also gives you complete control over your playing style, dynamics and articulation.

Add this to its impressive hammer-action system together with triple sensors under each key to make it one of the most responsive digital keyboards that we have reviewed so far.

3 – Dual Headphone Outputs

While the sound volume might not be loud enough for you to play with other people without having them hear what you are playing, this Williams Allegro piano offers two headphone outputs which is perfect if you’re just starting out and still getting used to playing with headphones on.

This way, you can always keep track of your performances without having to worry about disturbing anyone else even if you’re at your local guitar center.

4 – Bluetooth Midi Connectivity

The Williams Allegro 3 comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity which can be paired easy with iOS and Android devices, allowing you to play along backing tracks, use the piano as a controller for music production apps or simply turn your digital piano into a Bluetooth karaoke machine with the help of some software.

5 – USB Ports & Microphone Input

Adding to the list of great features that come with this digital piano are two USB ports. One located at its side and another one at the back. You can use either for charging your music devices or transferring MIDI files onto your piano, while the microphone input is there if you want to practice singing along with what you’re playing.

6 – Built-In Full-Frequency Dual-Driver Speakers

With a set of full-frequency dual speakers, you can expect to hear a great sound coming out from the Allegro 3. With this much power under its belt, we were surprised that Allegro iii was able to produce such crisp and clear sounds without very minimal distortion even at high volumes.

7 – Williams Piano App For IOS Devices

Those who own a compatible IOS device are going to be happy hearing that the Williams allegro iii can now connect with this piano using its Williams Piano App, allowing the user to control the volume of the pianos outputs and make various settings from your mobile device.

8 – Power Supply And Sustain Pedal Input

For those who prefer using this digital piano in home or studio, the AC power supply with an adapter is included in the package.

10 – Convenient, Built-In Metronome

A very useful feature that can help you improve your timing, tempo and rhythms is the metronome function of this piano. With a click or beat to set it at, you can practice either with headphones on or play with other people without worrying about being out of sync.

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Cons of The Williams Allegro iii

williams allegro iii

  • It comes with a 3 digit LED and has so many sub-menus, which makes everything confusing
  • Should have a manual to explain its aspects in details
  • When it is in multi-voice mode, the polyphony fades. However, no such issue is faced when this piano is in single voice.
  • The speakers of allegro iii are not the best. However, connecting it to an external audio output is an option and it greatly affects how this instrument sounds then.

Overall Rating

  • Effectiveness – 8.5
  • Features – 8
  • Quality – 8
  • Performance 9.5
  • Value For Money 9
  • Durability – 8.5


1 – What are the dimensions of the Williams Allegro iii?

It’s around 49 inches long, 24 inches wide and 5 to 6 inches high.

2 – How much does it weigh?

The Williams Allegro iii weighs approximately 105 pounds or 48 kilograms with its stand attached plus a piano bench.

3 – Is a sustain pedal included with the Williams Allegro iii?

Yes, a standard half-pedal sustain piano pedal is included.

4 – What kind of keyboard does it have?

There are 88 weighted keys that use excellent graded hammer action to simulate the feel of an acoustic piano which is very rewarding to play on.

5 – Does this digital piano have a MIDI connectivity?

The Williams Allegro iii offers Bluetooth MIDI function which can connect wirelessly to iPads, iPhones and other compatible devices.


We recommend the Williams Allegro iii to those beginners and experts who are looking for a great digital piano lessons with great sound quality, responsive keys and a full set of useful features needed for playing piano.

This grand piano model is worth your money as it can definitely compete against other more expensive digital pianos as well as a real piano that’s available in the market right now.

We hope that our take on Williams Allegro iii digital piano helped you made up your mind regarding this brilliant digital piano from Williams.

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