Nord Stage 2 EX Review

The Nord Stage 2 EX is the latest grand development in the world of Stage piano, coming straight from the prestigious Nord piano library.

Since it has the word Nord associated to it, you can be sure that the Stage 2 Ex is going to be a professional quality instrument. The previous Nord Stage models have been well known as some of the best stage pianos out there, and now they have taken their piano technology to a whole different level.

We’re sure you want to know more about this amazing range, its synth section, piano sounds, sound generators, and more. So let us get into this:

About The Nord Stage 2 EX Range

organ section

The Nord Stage 2 range consists of three models, depending on your needs and budget. These are:

1 – The Nord Stage 2 88

2 – The Nord EX Compact 73

3 – The Nord Stage 2 HP76/HP-A6C

Let’s see what all these three sound generating sections of this amazing range have to offer!

The Nord Stage 2 88

This is the ultimate stage piano. It builds on all of the previous models’ strengths and includes new technology to create one amazing machine.

It’s suitable for pianists of all levels, boasting a wide range of incredible sounds, including some choice electric pianos, traditional piano tones with variable degree of mechanical key action noise and a high-quality piano action. It’s a digital beast with a beautiful wooden housing and comes with 88 keys that give the feel of a weighted hammer action keyboard, and is perfect for smaller stages.

The Nord Ex Compact 73

This one has great power under the hood, but in a more compact size, making it even more portable than before. You will find all the main sounds from the Stage 2 88 plus a range of funky clav’s and combos, as well as some great organ sounds. This is perfect for performing musicians who need a powerful instrument with a smaller footprint. It has three sections: piano / organ / master, with a total of 73 semi-weighted keys – perfect for most gigs you’ll play!

The Nord Stage 2 HP76/A6C

This one is a piano for those that really mean business. It takes all of the goodness from previous models and adds two more keyboard sections:

1 – HP-76:

76 semi-weighted keys, perfect for pianists who need to take advantage of full range of expression offered by 88 keys.

2 – The A6C:

61 full-size keys, perfect for pianists who travel frequently and need an easy to transport instrument. A range of additional sounds has been added too, including contemporary instruments like the Rhodes, the Wurlitzer and some great organs! This is the ultimate stage piano if you want professional features in a compact footprint with everything amazing in terms of piano strings, synth section, piano section, sustain pedal, and more.

So there you have it. A range of incredible pianos that are all available for you to buy. Now, let us review the distinguishable features of this range as a whole below.

The Nord Stage 2 EX Quality

rotary speaker simulation

The Nord Stage 2 EX is built using the same components as the other Nord acoustic and grand instruments, meaning it has exceptional build quality. It’s sturdy design will help you feel confident when playing live gigs or in studios.

The Nord Stage 2 EX Features

The Nord stage piano range has always been known for their expansive set of features and the brand new Stage 2-X models are no different. It has fully programmable control knobs, extensive effect section and guitar pedal connectivity. One of the most impressive features is the addition of an ultra-wide 4-pole, multi-mode resonant filter and a control pedal. These let you choose between a broad range of sounds and effects. All these amazing features come housed in a sleek wooden housing with the Nord electro logo on top! It creates an imposing presence to make your audience take notice of what you are playing.

The Nord Stage 2 EX Sounds

The Stage piano range is known for their extensive and high-quality collection of sounds. The new models pick up where the older ones left off and include even more sounds. You can now play a wider range of contemporary instruments such as Rhodes, Wurlitzers and organs. These sounds perfectly represent their natural counterparts and are perfect for reproducing the music of today.

To add to this, there is also a brand new collection of electronic pianos, which sound incredible. All these sounds can be played with the go-to grand piano library that includes samples from highly acclaimed German-made studio upright pianos. These sounds come together in at the Nord sample library where you can access them all with ease.

The Nord Stage 2 EX Keyboard Action

When it comes to pianos coming under Nord modular umbrella, the keyboard action is incredibly important. If it’s not good enough for live playing, then there’s no point having one! The Nord Stage 2 EX has the Nord Piano action, which uses wooden keys topped with silicone rubber.

This makes it feel more like some acoustic pianos, giving you a lively response when playing your favorite songs. There are three sensors below each key so that no matter how hard or soft you press them, the sound is always the same. This way, you know that what new sounds you are playing can create your own samples in huge numbers.

The Nord Stage 2 EX Additional Features

Some of the added features include:

  • Advanced string resonance with great sound technology
  • A master clock for synchronization of all effects and sound.
  • USB 2 connectivity

What We Like?

  • Most components are housed inside a tough outer shell
  • Intelligent features for ease in a live situation, like piano memory, wavetable synthesis, synth engine, and more
  • A huge variety of sounds and effects to choose from, allowing for an incredible variation in your live performances.
  • Easy to use headphone output allows you to practice or play quietly while others are sleeping


The Nord Stage 2 EX is a great stage piano for any guitarist or keyboard player! It offers an extensive range of notes to suit all styles and genres, alongside a comfortable keyboard action that feels natural in your hands.

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