Casio CDP-220R Review

The CDP-220r is a simple and elegant digital piano designed for people who want a basic instrument to learn on. It has a full 88 piano-style keyboard, but the overall feel of this keyboard is very minimalistic and leaves much to be desired.

The keyboard itself feels shallow when you press down on the buttons, and they do not depress like any other digital piano. However, this is one of the only models in its price range that has full size keys, so if you are looking for that feature then it may be worth considering. Here is a detailed review of this amazing piano that can help you decide if you should invest in it or not.

What We Like?

pitch bend wheel

  • The CDP-220r has 88 full size, scaled, weighted hammer action keys
  • It has 12 built in tones and 10 rhythms with control panel that allows you to edit your sound as desired.
  • General MIDI playback

Key Features

sustain pedal

Below, we are discussing some of the key features of the CDP-220r piano with all their details. Hopefully, these details can help you get to know this instrument better.

88 Full-Size Keys

Only a few digital pianos in this price range have full size keys. This piano is one of those rare, inexpensive models that provides wide and comfortable keys so you can learn how to play piano properly before upgrading your instrument.

12 Built-in Tones And 10 Rhythm Accompaniments

This piano has 12 different tones to choose from which you can use for playing different genres of music. All these tones are exceptionally clear and crisp.

Not only this, but this piano also has a control panel that allows you to modify the tones as desired. You can adjust tones, effects, and even split two different tones at once which can help you make unique music.

The 10 rhythm accompaniments are also pretty decent for this price range. They don’t feel cheap at all, but they do lack variety and realism to keep you interested throughout the day.

100 Songs (50 Preloaded + 50 Available For Download)

These 100 songs can be divided into two parts- 50 songs that come preloaded with the piano and 50 songs that can be downloaded. All these songs are pretty simple, but it is great for musicians who want to develop the ability of learning the basics of playing along with music.

Great Speaker System And Accessories Included

This piano has a great speaker system with 2 built in speakers on either side of it alongside an LCD screen. It also comes with headphone and AC adapter connectivity so you don’t have to buy these accessories separately.

Effect Functions

There are two different types of effect functions available on the keyboard- reverb & chorus effects. These effects help you change the tone and mood of your music so you can play it with a different feel while ensuring your natural sound too.

88 Note Polyphony

This is another feature of an expensive acoustic piano that most inexpensive digital pianos lack. This piano has 88 note polyphony, which means you can play as many notes as possible without experiencing any lag or loss of sound quality.

Design & Build

The overall design of this piano is very minimalistic with its shiny black surface. It has plastic keys that feel like toys rather than piano keys, but they are great for someone who is just starting out.

When you look at this instrument closely, it does not scream ‘quality’ but is still worth its value compared to other pianos in the same price.

Gradation (Slow) Button

One more thing that you will love about this piano is the Gradation Slow button. It’s perfect for beginner pianos because it allows you to play only one note at a time so your fingers don’t get confused when transitioning between different buttons.

Some Other Features Are As Follows:

  1. 2 built in speakers
  2. Display screen
  3. Built in metronome and recorder
  4. Auto accompaniment modes
  5. Transpose Function and range chord controllers
  6. 3 pedals (soft, sostenuto, sustain)
  7. It has 2 built in speakers which you can use to play the piano with a good sound on signature Casio chord

What We Don’t Like?

sustain pedal

  • Only 10 voices, only 8 sounds
  • Feels plastic and toy-like
  • Shallow key depression
  • Lackluster speakers with no bass boost

Casio CDP-220R – A Great Piano For Beginners

same price range

We strongly recommend this piano to beginner musicians. Its 88 full sized keys will allow you to learn how to play piano properly without any difficulties at all because it’s very lightweight and easy to carry around.

Not only this, but it comes with a wide range of 100 songs that gives you a good library of songs to play around with when learning the basics of this instrument. This is not an amazing piano by any means, but for its price it does provide exceptional value so I would definitely give some serious thought before finalizing which one I want to buy.

Also, if you’re looking for an affordable piano for your child that won’t break the bank, then this is definitely one of the best digital pianos out there.


many digital pianos

This digital piano is perfect for beginner musicians who want to learn the basics of playing the piano without having to spend too much money. If you are serious about becoming a professional piano player later in life, we would recommend investing more money now so you can have a great keyboard with 88 full sized keys and realistic sound.

However, if you are just starting out and looking for something inexpensive with 100 songs included, then this is definitely one of the best digital pianos available at this price range.

We hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as we enjoyed writing it and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to share your experiences with this digital piano.

Best of luck!

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