Digital Piano vs Keyboard

acoustic piano

Digital pianos and keyboards provide many options, but they can be difficult to compare because there has been significant innovation in the years since computers started to become part of music production. The good news is that in general, portable digital pianos are better for beginners because they can provide a more authentic playing experience. …

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Best Digital Piano

grand piano

One of the most versatile musical instruments of our time, digital pianos have become increasingly popular among novice musicians and professionals alike. There are various brands to choose from, each offering a variety of features that put them above the rest. From electronic drum sets to educational rock bands, whatever rock nā€™ roll fantasy you …

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Casio CDP-220R Review

playing piano

The CDP-220r is a simple and elegant digital piano designed for people who want a basic instrument to learn on. It has a full 88 piano-style keyboard, but the overall feel of this keyboard is very minimalistic and leaves much to be desired. The keyboard itself feels shallow when you press down on the buttons, …

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Alesis Recital Pro Vs. Yamaha P71

digital piano

Comparing the first models of digital pianos to show up on the market can be very helpful for musicians who are looking for an instrument, but aren’t sure which one would be best for them. That’s why we’ve decided to compare two almost identical instruments ā€“ Alesis Recital Pro and Yamaha p71. Both of these …

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Nord Stage 2 EX Review

nord piano library

The Nord Stage 2 EX is the latest grand development in the world of Stage piano, coming straight from the prestigious Nord piano library. Since it has the word Nord associated to it, you can be sure that the Stage 2 Ex is going to be a professional quality instrument. The previous Nord Stage models …

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