How Long Does a Digital Piano Last?

Whenever someone invests in a digital piano, they are making a decision that will affect the rest of their life. It’s not just about how much it costs; there is also the question of what kind of piano you get and whether or not you can afford to keep it up so that it works perfectly.

If you’re buying a new piano for your child, then you’ll want something that won’t break down after two years and which won’t need replacing for at least another ten years. In this article we’ll discuss how long these instruments last and how much they cost.

Difference Between a Digital Piano And an Acoustic Piano

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The first thing to consider is the difference between an acoustic piano and a digital one. Acoustic pianos have been around since the early nineteenth century, when Erard built the first playable piano in 1809. Since then, the design has remained largely unchanged. The biggest difference with a digital piano is that they are made using computers rather than hammers.

Digital Pianos: What Are They?

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A digital piano uses electronics to generate sound instead of mechanical action parts. This means that there is no keyboard. Instead, there is a small LCD screen on top of the instrument that displays notes as numbers. The user presses keys on the touch-sensitive surface, which generates electrical signals that are converted into sounds by the onboard computer.

The main advantage of a digital grand piano is that it is easy to program. Any musician who knows how to use a computer can easily modify existing songs, create new ones, and play them back without any special equipment. There are several other advantages too, such as being able to store all of your music digitally and being able to play it from anywhere. On the downside, digital pianos are more expensive and require a lot of maintenance.

How Much Do Digital Pianos Cost?

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As you might expect, the price of a digital piano varies according to its features and the brand. The cheapest models start at around $500. However, you can find more expensive options starting at $2000 and upwards. If you are a huge fan of acoustic instruments, the best way to compare prices is to look at the specs. For example, the Yamaha DP-30K digital piano comes with a 32-note polyphony and 2 GB of internal memory.

How Long Does Digital Piano Last?

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The lifespan of electronic piano depends on how well it was maintained and the quality of its materials. Digital pianos are generally manufactured to last twenty to fifty years. You should be aware that even if a manufacturer guarantees a certain number of years, it doesn’t mean that the piano will actually survive that long.

For example, an electric piano could be assembled with cheap components and end up breaking down after two years. The problem is that it is difficult to know exactly how durable a piano is going to be until it is tested. Even then, it is hard to tell whether a piano has lasted longer than expected.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Digital Piano?

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Repairing an electric piano is not always easy. The keyboard needs to be removed to access the internal electronics. If the repairman can’t fix the problem, you will have to replace the entire piano.

Following are some things that might go wrong with many digital pianos:

  1. A stuck key.
  2. Damaged soundboard.
  3. Broken hammers.
  4. Damaged wiring.
  5. Corroded tuning pins.
  6. Stuck hammer.

Most people don’t realize that repairing an electric piano isn’t cheap if they stop working. In fact, it is cheaper to buy a new one. It’s not unusual to pay over $1000 to get a piano repaired. Fortunately, there are ways to save money. One trick is to check out the piano’s warranty.

Most manufacturers offer a limited warranty that covers repairs under normal use. However, there is a catch. Repairs are usually done by a third party and therefore the manufacturer cannot guarantee that the work will be carried out correctly. If you want to avoid paying for unnecessary repairs, make sure that the piano is covered by a warranty for a few years.

Digital Pianos: A Quick Guide

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There are hundreds of different brands and models of digital pianos available. However, there are a few features that are worth noting if you would like to buy only the best digital piano.

1. The Size of The Keyboard

The bigger the keyboard, the easier it is to play. This makes it possible to play chords and arpeggios without moving your hands. As a result, larger keyboards are better suited to advanced pieces.

2. Touch Sensitivity

Touch sensitivity refers to how quickly the keys register your touch. This is important because the faster you press the keys, the more accurately you can play while building rhythm as you practice. For example, if you play a note and miss the beat, you can still recover, but if you hit the wrong key, you lose the whole bar.

3. Sound Quality

The sound produced by an electronic piano depends on the soundboard, the hammers, and the strings. Generally speaking, the higher the quality, the louder and richer the sound. However, the loudness also depends on the piano’s amplification.

4. Noise Level

Noise level is measured in decibels (db). The lower the noise, the quieter the piano plays. Although many people like low volume, others prefer the sound of a noisy piano.

5. Weight

Digital pianos weigh between 15 and 30 kg. This weight is mostly due to the weight of the keyboard, which is about 10 kg.

6. Accuracy

Accuracy refers to how closely the piano reproduces the original performance. There are several factors that contribute to accuracy, such as the digital sampling rate, the quality of the audio file, and the way the soundboard is tuned.

7. Power Consumption

The power consumption of keyboard instruments depends on its speed, size, and other specifications. For example, the Yamaha DP-30K consumes 150 watts of power at maximum volume.

8. Connectivity

Connectivity refers to the ability to connect to other devices, such as a microphone or headphones. Most digital pianos allow you to connect to your computer and share the music stored on it.


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If you want to purchase an electronic piano, you should do your research before you commit to anything. Make sure you understand the features of each model and how they compare to one another and its life span due to its build quality. Take a look at the specs and see how well they stand up to the competition. Remember that digital pianos are not cheap, so you should think carefully before spending thousands of dollars on a new electronic piano and make sure it lasts many years to come.

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