• November 12, 2014

    If you want to see Neil making this face, you need to come to this!!!

    On Friday, November 14th, Language Arts will be playing for the 'Make Some Noise' series for the Toronto Public Library, in partnership with Exclaim and Soundscapes.

    We will be playing right in the stacks at 8pm, for a free and all-ages show, taking place at the Parkdale Public Library (1303 Queen St W) and we can't hardly wait! We have chosen our favourite live tunes from our recent release, 'Wonderkind' (01.04.14). We will also be premiering a special video as well as showcasing some of the songs that we are about to record, this winter, for the upcoming record.

    We will be joined by Stefan Banjevic (Wilderness of Manitoba expat) on cello for some special moments as well, so the night will be quite enchanting.

    All are welcome, it is free and we will be so thrilled to MAKE SOME NOISE with you!
  • October 07, 2014

    I recently met artist, Patrick DeCoste, a Nova Scotia metis who paints on wood and animal hyde. His acrylic based paintings, capture mind-striking interactions of the settlers meeting the First Nations, upon arriving to North America.

    He told me stories of his work while wearing his Native Pride hat. The culture is beautiful and I am only beginning to discover the very tip of it. I went to my first powwow, I have read books and have heard stories but these paintings really made me feel like I was there, like I understood it.

    I got an email from him the other night, after we were speaking about making art in Toronto, being both Nova Scotia expats. He told me that he was listening to Language Arts as he painted in preparation for his show in Montreal this week. He then attached the paintings to the email and when I opened them, I was speechless. They are so beautiful, spiritual and they have a weight to them that is light but full of purpose. I was and am moved deeply by his work and am honoured that these two pieces were created along side a Language Arts soundtrack.

    If you live in Montreal, you should check out his show, that opens this week. Here is where you can get more information: http://patricktheartist.blogspot.ca/2012/07/biography-and-artist-statement.html
  • September 23, 2014

    Thank you Brendan George Ko, for shooting me fooling around in my practice room!

    This is my live-looping cover of Lykke Li's "I Follow Rivers" - my summer jam!

    I am taking Joel Visentin with me to Edmonton to do a couple looping shows at the Up/Downtown Festival. We will be one of a few opening for favorites, the Contrantine's & Ladyhawk at 7pm @ Brixx Bar/ Starlight Room, then at 10pm we do a live radio broadcast at the UofA station CKUA, which reaches the whole province, if you care to tune in on the Thanksgiver's eve, Saturday night!

    When we get back we play Indie Week on Oct 16 at Peacok - 11pm and then I am off to Montreal at the end of the month to do my Anti-bullying shows in the schools. The presentation (my baby) is called "S.P.E.A.K." I work with non-profit, Overture with the Arts who behind the planning of those school appearances!

    So this gives you an idea of how those performances will go. I just have to say that my favorite thing about this video is Sprout's tail tapping!
  • September 11, 2014

    The alleged art project is in the works.

    The insanely talented, Brendan George Ko, has been following us for the past few months and is making something that we will be sharing bits and pieces of as it comes together! The email I got with this photo read, verbatim, "...and so it begins!"
  • September 08, 2014

    Why did we get up at 6am today?

    To perform on the Humble and Fred Show on Sirius XM Radio and we had a blast. Have a listen and a laugh!
  • August 05, 2014

    Thank you Balcony TV, for having us play! We are so thrilled to share the video of "5 W's", live, featuring guest singer, Laura Anderson!

    If you would like to catch us live, we will be playing a free show for and Exclaim Magazine party with Gay and By Divine Right. It's all happening in Toronto's Junction neighborhood at 3030 Dundas West! Here's your invite!

    Enjoy the music and we hope to see you soon!
  • July 19, 2014

    Guess who's working on a rap album???
  • May 14, 2014

    At 17:39, you can watch us perform a take of "Oh Tangible World" from our new album, Wonderkind on TFO network's amazing new music program BRBR!
  • May 11, 2014

  • April 28, 2014

    One of my proudest moments was when I decided to work in youth outreach. Using music as the voice for my growing pains has been the vehicle to my inspiration and it still is. I'd like to share with our participants, that there are so many theraputic and useful ways to express yourself through your hardships. The workshops I am presenting this week, do just that. Through the non-profit, Overture with the Arts, we present SPEAK:

    S-Self Esteem

    Here, we learn how to use art forms as expression tools. I will be performing many songs off of 'Wonderkind' and rapping a verse, for a collaborative piece I wrote with Jonathan Emile (my co-presenter) that we produced together. Here are the lyrics for my verse!